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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are ArchesArt?

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ArchesArt website has been setup to help galleries and collectors to sell fine art online for free.

It is a channel between gallery owners and collectors around the world, a portal which allows art professionals to present their galleries and collections, to show their exhibitions ad publications, to exhibit their artworks and prints to potential clients around the world.

What are the costs for member galleries?

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This is a free service

A subscription to ArchesArt allows you to publish an unlimited number of artworks for sale. Your prints or originals are instantaneously viable by thousands of internet customers. ArchesArt is becoming a powerful business art portal. The more works you add on the site, the more visible your gallery will be.

You will also be able to post information about your gallery, your exhibitions and new artworks for sale.

What do you sell?

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Galleries are selling the own stock, Sales and payments are made directly with the individuals galleries owner. We have nothing to do with the art sold by those galleries

Collectors interested by one of your prints or engravings can contact you via a short, simple form.

We do not charge any commission on transactions between gallery owners and collectors.

Who are ArchesArt partners?

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We are partners with galleries, dealers and non-profit organizations, and publishers from around the globe in order to provide our customers with access to the world's best arts and design items.

How do I search for artworks, artists, or Galleries?

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To search for a specific artists, artworks, galleries, enter your terms in the search box located at the top of the site, or go to search artworks, artists, or galleries. To explore all available artworks and design items, click the Artworks link in the black navigation bar. On the browse art page you will be given the option to sort and filter results.

I forgot my ArchesArt password. How can I log in?

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To reset your password, click the Sign In link located in the site header and then click "Forgot Your Password." You will be prompted to enter your email address; after doing so, click "Submit." You will be sent a temporary password via email, which you can use to sign in to the site. You can then visit the My Account page to officially change your password.

Buying Artwork?

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You can contact a gallery directly by clicking on the Contact the Gallery present on each Artwork display on ArchesArt .

In order to be the first to discover newly published prints and artworks, you may also subscribe to your favorite artists and receive a notification by email each time a new work by your selected artist is inserted.

Sales and payments are made directly with the individual Galleries.

Please check with them for payment methods.

Why ArchesArt?

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ArchesArt is a worldwide galleries connection that can drastically increase the sales prospects for your works. ArchesArt user-friendly management of artworks for members as well as visitors.

We ensure extensive listings on search engines

How do I contact the Galleries?

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Each individual gallery page (found in the Artist A-Z), lists their contact details.

How do I know when new items by artists I like become available?

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You will receive email alerts when items by the artists you "follow" are added to the site. To follow an artist, visit the artist's bio page and click the "Follow This Artist" link. You may search for and add artists to follow. This feature is also active for Galleries and dealers partners, so you can follow your favorite galleries. You must be signed in to your ArchesArt account in order to follow artists and partners.