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Paula Schuette Kraemer

Paula Schuette Kraemer

Wisconsin artist, Paula Schuette Kraemer is known for her drypoint monoprints and monotypes, although she works in other traditional intaglio techniques as well, such as etching and photogravure. Stylistically, her work is noted for its free and expressionistic line, depiction of movement, rich use of color and experimentation with layering of materials. Although her subject matter is drawn from personal experiences, it is the artist’s intent to portray universally what we are all feeling during the various stages of our lives, be it loosing a pet, letting go of one’s children or seeking calm in a hectic world. Often the reaction of nature to human intrusion is a subject that interests Schuette, hence the image of a deer turning away from the viewer. She tends to follow a theme for one or two years and then moves on as her life progresses and new images sift to the surface. It is not her intent to become known for any specific subject matter but rather to use her artistic ability to portray life’s experiences, often with a slight smile… or a tear. The artist studied art history at Vassar College and then completed her undergraduate work in fine art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She then went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin where she studied with Warrington Colescott and Bruce Breckenridge. Close alliance with Tandem Press has also afforded Schuette the opportunity to learn from many of the Tandem artists who have worked there.

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