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Three verticle lines

Homare Ikeda

Homare Ikeda

Homare Ikeda was born in Yoron Island, a small subtropical island near Okinawa, Japan. Homare states: “I used to sit on the white sand beach where I could watch the horizon. Whenever a ship approached the island, I imagined the people and things I hadn’t seen in the world beyond the ocean. I dreamed of becoming a sailor then. Now I live in Denver, Colorado, surrounded by mountains, very far away from home. I hold my paintbrush at the foot of the mountains, longing for the bottom of the ocean. Ocean is the root of life as well as origin of my creations. Mountain is my vanishing point. My work is about wonder, longing and quest.” Homare received both BFA and MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He attendedresidency programs such as Skowhegan in Maine, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Nebraska and PlatteForum in Denver, Colorado. He currently teaches at the Art Students League of Denver.

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Homare Ikeda

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