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Gebhard Schwermer

Gebhard Schwermer

Gebhard Schwermer (* 27 September 1930 in Arnsberg ; † 19 September 2007 in Konstanz ) was a German artist and high school teacher.After graduation Gebhard Schwermer studied from 1951 to 1955 Art at the Dusseldorf Art Academy , then from 1955 to 1957 History at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster . From 1957 to 1992 he taught art and history at high schools in Rheydt , Dusseldorf and Hilden . In 1959 Schwermer the August Macke Prize of Electoral Cologne Sauerland. Since 1973 he lived in Haan in the Rhineland. Besides his work at the schools he continued his own artistic work continues relentlessly, but he created oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and etchings. At the Helmholtz-Gymnasium Hilden , the school at which he last taught, the "Schwermerpreis" will be held annually, an art competition for pupils, in which you can win cash prizes in addition to works by Schwermer.1979 Hagen-Berchum, Gallery 1740 1980 Wuppertal, Gallery W1 Enno hunger Country 1981 Haan-Gruiten, gallery in Steingaden 1982 Dusseldorf, Galerie Walther 1983 Herne, Städt. Gallery in Strünkede Arnsberg, Sauerland-Museum

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