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Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Chris was born in San Diego, California on January 8th 1972. His parents are Dennis and Karen Martin. Chris lived only 6 months in California, before the family (parents and older brother Jeff who was only 11 months older than Chris), returned to the hometown of Denny's in Cheboygan Michigan. The family had one more son, David who was born two years after Chris. All the boys were introduced to the world around them, and they thrived and loved the world. Walks in the northern woods in the fall, winter, spring and summer were many. Enjoying the local inland lakes and the shores of Lake Huron were routine. By the time Chris was five years old, his natural gift for drawing was already obvious. There is a tool used by psychologists to gauge a young child's I.Q., so his mother, an intern at Community Mental Health scored not only the clients of the agency, but one of Chris' drawings, done at age 5. He scored in the genius category. Chris and his brothers loved drawing, and drawing pads had to be bought almost weekly to keep up. Most drawing was done during the winter months when there was more indoor time.

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