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Nana Shiomi

Nana Shiomi

In 1989 Nana Shiomi came to the UK from Japan to study at the RCA. Her woodcuts in a contemporary Japanese ukiyo-e method are exquisitely detailed with a combination of strong graphic qualities and Woodblock. Born 1956, Osaka, Japan, from Kyoto Tama Art University; Royal College of Arts, London. Permanent Collection: Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Exhibitions: Summer Exhibition of Royal Academy of Arts, London for the last eight years; solo exhibitions in Japan and UK. Shiomi started painting at the age of fourteen, and shifted to printmaking at the age of twenty. She chose the traditional Japanese woodcut technique, using the baren to spread water-based ink letting it soak into Japanese paper. Some of Shiomi's prints are influenced by the ukioe artist Hokusai (b. 1760), such as those with the imagery of Mount Fuji or the giant wave. Shiomi's imagery focus on the space and beyond, or indeed the world beyond, such as there may be a room beyond a door, and then a landscape. Over the last three years, Shiomi's prints have a distinct architectural context. She has also been working on a project of smaller one hundred prints called, "Mitate".

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Nana Shiomi

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