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LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy Neiman

The first time I noticed LeRoy Neiman was during the televised breaks during the 1976 Olympics. He was captured on film dressed in a white painter’s jumpsuit. He had long shaggy hair, and an extremely large mustache. I was always attracted to art and painting, oil painting was my favorite. So I paid attention to this flamboyant character creating an image on canvas before my eyes. When completed, it was a mural of the Olympics. It seemed an effortless action by this seemingly “self assured” gentleman. His ability and ease is what gave him the opening to become the official artist for five Olympiads.Over the past 50 years, LeRoy Neiman has paid his dues. He has been constantly creative, and has certainly put his entire being into becoming “The Artist”. His signature cigar and unique mustache puts him into a lifetime role which he has both created and directed. He is now receiving continuous ovations for his achievements.

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LeRoy Neiman

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