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Dorothea Rockburne

Dorothea Rockburne

Dorothea Rockburne (Canadian, b.1932) is a painter and a draughtswoman, as well as a mixed media and installation artist. Born in Montréal, Quebec, Rockburne began classic training in Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture in 1942 at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France, where she studied under the Abstract artist Paul Emile Borduas (Canadian, 1905–1960). After winning a scholarship, Rockburne studied at the Montréal Museum School, where she began to distance her artistic style from the classical manner she had been studying since a young age. Moses Martin Reinblatt (Canadian, 1917–1979), one of Rockburne’s teachers at the museum school, convinced her to apply to Black Mountain College in Asheville, NC, which was known for being the radical art school of the time. Rockburne attended Black Mountain College from 1950–1955, studying a variety of subjects including Painting, Music, Dance, Math, Theater, Linguistics, Philosophy, Literature, Writing, Poetry, and Photography. Rockburne moved to New York, NY after she graduated. Although she won the Walter Gutman Emerging Artist Award in 1957, Rockburne struggled with her art, and so she turned to dance and performance art for several years. During this time she took on some side jobs to support herself, including a bookkeeping job at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, where she catalogued the Egyptian Antiquities collection. Rockburne took a great interest in the art of ancient Egypt from a young age, and she later incorporated this interest into her works entitled Egyptian Paintings (1979–1980).

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