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Angelik Riemer

Angelik Riemer

Was born in Kiel in 1948 and 1966 made her high school. It followed from 1966 to 1972 studied painting at the Academy of Arts in Berlin (now University of the Arts ).Angelika Riemer (29 February 1948 in Kiel ; † 23 January 2014 in Berlin ) was a German painter . It is the direction of the new Constructivist assigned.In 1979 she was on a business trip in New York and 1992 in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara). A second time she was in 1995 for another working visit in Tokyo, this time for 6 months at the invitation of the Japan Foundation as a visiting researcher at Nihon University Tokyo, College of Art. By 2014, lived and worked in Berlin. All works by Angelika Riemer are works from egg tempera on canvas or paper. The colors are mixed from powder true colors by an old recipe with egg tempera and worked directly on the ground. In addition, the artist made ​​in the 70s and 80 years monochrome and multicolor aquatint - etchings , serigraphs and lithographs on. Film and photographic works were generally to explore new aspects of painting, but also some large-scale photographic works and a series of Super-8 and video films were presented to the public. The work Angelik Riemer is divided into some very different creative periods. The phase of objectivity (1971-1981) is characterized by panel paintings, the interior and exterior spaces show where Built has been blanked against Organically Grown, Flowing connects to the constructed. In the late 70's dominated in almost all plants a central visual axis that leads into the depths of the pictorial space, resolves itself into a erdkugelhaften horizon.Picturesque interwoven brush strokes characterize the phase from 1985 to 1990, in the predominantly large format pictures gained a new dimension: The comprehensive up to 50 layers of multi-colored underpainting of short straight brush strokes the images were given a relief-like surface, gained three-dimensionality. The final layers of paint from Paris blue were the colors of the light irregularly accompaniment.

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